Thursday 2 June 2016

Classic TT 2016, taking it up a notch.

Well here we go again and while we're at it why not double the trouble?

Yes indeed, lets go all in and build a second bike with a few more whistles and bells. So along with Emily's engine having a rebuild I also have another engine in build down at Louigi Moto. This will be for Katy, based around an ST4S 996, but once again using a P8 ECU. So yet again we've raided Rich Llewellin's hoard of spares and brought them out into the light. These include a pair of brand new Pistal high comp pistons, a 749R gearbox and the ultra rare 996SPS timing cover and flywheel. 996 Superbike heads have replaced the original ST ones and they have been filled with a set of 748R camshafts. Super finish con rods from an 848 sit astride the balanced crank and this all fits inside a set of freshly soda blasted cases filled with new bearings throughout. A set of twin injectors have been sourced in the hope that if we hit the heights of 140 BHP at the rear wheel, fuel supply will not be an issue.

In the meantime in a far off land called Yorkshire, the frame for Katy is having some repairs and additions. The frame came to me from that well known source of the bay of E, it's an ex race frame alleged to have once been the property of JHP, but who cares it's mine now. Phil of Frame Fab has accepted the challenge of repairing the foot peg supports and replacing a few of the minor tubes that had been removed for some unknown reason. In addition, Phil is adding a copy of the OEM removable cross brace that I have given him. 

The work is underway with the hardest part to come where I have asked to use the radiator mounts from the later bikes as these radiators are far more available than the early 851/888 ones. This will see the mounts on the outside of the lower front tube instead of inside. Phil is also producing Corse style 51mm clip ons for use with Ohlins forks.

 As you can see Phil's brazing is absolutely gorgeous, see below.

Once again that little carbon star Peter Fidalgo of Oronero is supplying the black gold, this really is work in progress as Peter is working on some of the parts whilst commuting to and from Portugal in his van, I kid you not!

This is just a starter for 10,000 with more news to follow on riders and Emily's revival and, who is Katy?  
Make sure you check in from time to time!

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  1. Whoohooo! Awesome news Dood. This one's gonna be a flyer! A podium contender! One sweet lookin scarlet crumpet of Duke deliciousness!