Tuesday 18 November 2014

Emily in action, Cartagena.

Well Stuart had his fun on the Isle and at last I get a proper go in Cartagena, Spain. With Liz and The No Limits mob we had three days on track in the sun. I had an issue with the brakes at one point with the lever coming back to the stop but they were still working, so a bleed and a check over with the lever moved out a couple of clicks all was well. The braking here is more intense than the flow of the Isle of Man so this may be why Stuart had had no problems before. As you may notice in the series of pictures Emily has the spare road fairings fitted with green highlights.

She handles like a dream and I finally got both of my knee sliders down as she makes it easy. Just one trip into the gravel, but that was my fault with a missed gear going into corner one on the last afternoon.

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