Monday 13 October 2014

Stuart and Emily in action....

Just for all you 888 lovers, here are some action shots from practice and the Classic TT F1 2014.


Emily is now wearing a new dress, well fairings, for a trip to Spain in November. A post TT inspection found only one fault on her where an alloy boss had become loose in the under seat air box. That's been re epoxy'd in place along with a refit of the light weight battery for the trip south. 
In other news I had contacted K-Tech about the fork issues and they were somewhat mortified that the forks had been sent out in such a condition, to be fair they did immediately offer to do any remedial work and inspect. They have since collected/returned the forks and removed another internal component that may have been the cause of plastic shavings in the left leg. They have also added a 5mm preload spacer. I've still to get an answer on why the original 355mm long springs were replaced by ones 425mm long. I'll see what they are like in November.

To finish on an upbeat note I must say a big thank you to The Image Works, at some point Emily will get a new set of replica decals to adorn her race fairings. One of the decals was oversize but a quick call resolved this and a new pair were sent out two days later, nice work guys, thanks.       

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