Saturday 30 August 2014

The prologue...

And so the race is done the van is packed the Ben-my-Chree awaits. Lessons have been learnt for sure, the main one being try and get a test in somewhere. That was not to be as the planned time line just evaporated, so we started the two weeks with a bike that had only turned a wheel under power on the dyno. Over the two weeks we have made one adjustment front and rear on the suspension, so that's not bad after a rear set up at home and a tweek after Louigi saved the day with 20mm off the preload spacer. A slight adjustment to the steering damper and brake lever travel are just about the only other settings we have had to make, above the clutch and alternator issues that were suspect from the start. All in all a very good result for an untried recipe.

My thanks in no particular order go to 

Louigi Moto: to Christian for building an engine that Stuart says will pull from anywhere and of course Richard for the engine recipe and the parts to pull it all together. He even brought parts by plane.
Oronero: Peter for supplying the carbon parts and the new wiring loom that was just plug and play.
Reality Motor Works: to Nick Anderson for some most excellent powder coating.
Rob Scheuer aka Slob: for gifting me the rearsets.
Willow Services aka Grumpy: to James White for supplying a set of tyres.
Stewart aka Capo: for also supplying a set of tyres and technical support.
Avanti Race Parts: Antony Espindola for chipping in with a handy box of race comsumables.
Burton Engineering: Guy Burton for sorting us out with a smart set of the newly required fireproof attire for the pit stop, we looked smart too.
Chris Allanson aka Shuffy: for designing the Celeres Racing Logo. 
Along with financial support from Stewart and Jill Calkin "Calky", Martin Biggs, Charlotte Ponting and Gordon Hardie.
Keith Fothergill: for letting me use his spare set of clutch plates.
Jeff aka Utopia: for making a new front wheel spacer and posted in 24 hours.
Steve Wright: for helping out with loads of tea, rolls and pit crewing.
My wife Liz for letting me complete the build in the conservatory and pit crewing as well.
Finally to Stuart, for 14 years after an off at Black Dub nearly cost him his life, he entrusted me to build a bike to take him around the mountain course once again.

I thank you all.

As Liz has just said "It's difficult to put into words, the whole achievement and emotion of what we have all done." I hope that all of you that have been involved have at least felt a piece of the emotion that we had here on the Isle.
Having conquered Everest perhaps next year we can shoot for the moon, if you fancy coming along for the ride we'll be happy to have you on board. 

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