Wednesday 20 August 2014

Little by little.....

Well that was a day and a half, so we knew we had a a couple of major problems the clutch and the charging. To cure one we had to get the right spacer to go behind the inner basket, nothing on the island so the "Ze SS" earned the Iron Cross for action the field and gave up the required parts.

In the mean time I've fitted the road alternator I brought along as a spare, at test we had a healthy 14.5v just over tick over so hopefully that was that issue cleared.

A test run up the lane went well so we followed Stuart over the mountain for a final test, I say followed he was out of sight in seconds! Clutch seems good then.

The now usual chaos ensued a scrutineering, you'd have thought that they would have an idea on how to run this event by now, sadly not. Not enough power for tyre warmers, pit lanes empty with ours overflowing, a bit of a fiasco and not professional at all. Still we are here again and for once feeling like we may get somewhere with nothing really worrying me, can't say the same for Stuart though.

So once again we're ready for the off and Stuart skips away with a Suzuki and shows him the way to Bray Hill.

I get news via friends that Stuart is past Glen Helen and then through Kirk Michael, sadly my phone rings and Stuart is there letting me know all is well but seems to lost electrical power at the 18th milepost. When we get down to pick him up Emily starts and is ridden home under her own power with no remedial work required. One those faults that would be easier to diagnose if she didn't start at all.

So a day of find the intermittent fault is on the agenda, fingers crossed.

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