Friday 22 August 2014

Friday awaits...

After Wednesday's elation and well, not disappointment as Emily had got 18 miles, so in comparison to the first two nights we're moving in the right direction, but frustration that something new had her stop for Stuart. Worst of all she restarted and was ridden home without missing a beat, even down the lane to the farm. From a visual and physical inspection every connection appeared to be connected and locked with either the clip that Ducati intended or a tie wrap that I had already added. All the earth leads are secure and seem but fine with a resistance check. Having recently worked on a friends 888 that had arrived with the fuel pump loose inside the tank I thought that maybe there was a problem in the tank with either the pump or the last two wires I hadn't checked yet. Stuart siphoned off the fuel and we now know we should be fine for two laps, should we ever get that far. Feeling inside the fuel pump is where it should be but gently pulling on the feed wires the negative connection comes away far too easily. Is this it? Is this the single connection that stopped Emily? Inside I'd like to say yes, but I just don't know.  It's a potential fault for sure but is this the one, time and the TT course will tell.
That aside the tachometer has died,  it had been vague for a few days and finally decided that it didn't want to play any more. Richard Llewellin will hopefully not forget to pop a spare in his hand luggage today. The cleaning of flies and the filling of scrapes in the belly pan would be a nice daily routine to get into, and even after 18 miles is one we can. Stuart managed to take the trailing edge nearly all the way through, so Del's paintwork is not looking quite so pristine any more. Stuart's feedback is positive although Emily is harder than he expected to muscle around the lower sections of the circuit compared to the flowing mountain. We have raised to rear slightly to make steering easier without, hopefully, compromising stability. 
Right, I'm off to re dress the lady and check the belly pan repair. Please wish us luck for later, I've also unlocked the comment section below so you shouldn't need a Google account to add your thoughts and ideas, please do.


  1. :-( Sorry you 'n Stuart haven't got any laps in. Hope all goes well tonight and you can get 2 laps in.

  2. Fingers crossed that you've cured the electrical gremlins and can get a couple of flying laps in/jimmi851, Sweden

  3. Crossed my fingers, hopes you make it! Safe riding//Leif, Sweden