Sunday 24 August 2014

So Emily can play....

We got some great news this morning that we have qualified for the Classic TT Formula 1 on Monday, although the weather looks poor. With that news I've spent the day just going over stuff, changing the oil and fixing the tachometer.  The tachometer is a bit of a sod, it took about 45 minutes of careful cutting with a razor blade to tease the old bezel off. I could then replace the needle that had fallen off, we stuck the bezel on later after a test to check its position. I've also changed two of the cotton reel rubber mounts to harder ones to lessen the movement of the clock nacelle. The belly pan has another two layers of fibreglass on the inside, it wasn't quite worn through but with the repair in place we hope to not get pulled for a hole during the race. Another slight adjustment to the clip ons to give Stuart more lock for getting through the Nook as he keeps scaring the marshals there. A quarter of a turn on the chain adjusters, a clean and new lock wiring applied we needed to add the new race numbers we've been allocated, 56.

Listening on Manx radio to hear live commentary on proceedings.

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