Sunday 3 August 2014

Something's looming.....

Apologies for the delay in posting an update, but getting stuff done does take priority. 
The last couple of weeks have been a little fraught whilst awaiting delivery of the new Corse loom being made by Peter at Oronero. Nobody said that making a loom from scratch would be easy and just sourcing the different parts is difficult enough. With some technical assistance from as far as over the pond Peter has got there at last, even able to supply bespoke parts able to cope with the subtle differences between the models. 
Well the loom arrived arrived last Wednesday morning and with the afternoon booked off it's home to the build facility, AKA the conservatory. So of course to fit a loom you need to access all areas so once again off with the airbox and other components to make some finger room. All in all it's a pretty straight forward item to fit with just some advice on which of the four injector leads to fit, each loom is made the same but some items are redundant, in this case I need to connect injector leads 2 and 3. Typically of course this the time you find that you've fitted the ECU back to front so the nice period Ohlins sticker is now hidden on the inside, not as if it's seen with the fairing covering it anyway.

Progress looms

This is the week the bike has to run if we're to stand any chance of some dyno and setup time. If the setup has to wait then so be it, if all else fails I'll pop the number plate on and get an MOT! With that in mind I also booked off Thursday and Friday to get down to Louigi Moto for those final little tweeks and base settings that would have the bike ready for the dyno. Simply put the injectors come off and the TPS is set with Christian's magic numbers along with a base setting to the ECU, he could have told me figures but then he'd have had to kill me apparently, I wisely declined the information. Just semi-synthetic oil for the running in period goes in the motor alongside distilled water for the radiator. Happily all the fluids appear to have stayed on the inside with no leaks, fingers crossed eh! Just a final connection to make up to the fuel pump, a reference check showed that as suspected the red and black were the required connections. With that and a few new earth leads we're ready to push the button, now don't get too excited as this was just to get fresh oil into all those important little places, and happily even though I thought I'd put a tad too much in at 4 litres all was well and the level returned to a more normal position, phew. Alongside these tasks I've been able to bleed all the hydraulic systems with some rather expensive Brembo fluid, I wish Paul Baleta had warned me how much it costs!! Also we now have a chain fitted, one of life's little essentials for bikes (shaft drive ones excepted).
OK so are you ready for it? It's time to simply add petrol, using Richards remote fuel tank we prime the system and wonder why the fuel pump doesn't stop? As it's a Corse style loom it's void of fuses and relays so yes the fuel pump runs continuously, hopefully well enough to keep Stuart and bike going flat out. 
Right, let's do it, turning, turning, turning, bugger. Turning, turning, turning, bugger. 
Right let's play diagnostics. Is there a spark, nope. Is there any fuel on the plug, nope. Have I connected the cam and motor pick ups back to front, nope. Call for the Mathesis diagnostic unit to check things over. First issue is the diagnostics won't talk to the EEPROM currently installed so a quick switch with a 916SP one gets us a step closer to seeing what's going on. We're now able to see where the fault lies, it turns out to be the cam sensor so a replacement is sourced and fitted.
OK are you ready for it?
Right, let's do it, turning, brum, turning, brum, brum, turning, turning, turning. Bugger what now?
"Ah" says Christian "we still have the 916 chip in the ECU and that runs four injectors" the 916 would run either 1 and 3 or 2 and 4 as pairs, but I run 2 and 3 having only two. So the bike was trying to run on one injector, or not as the case may be. Back to the original chip, let's see if that works.
OK are you ready for it?
Right, let's do it, turning, turning, brum, brum, brum, brum, job's a good'un as that man would say.
At last I'm smiling like a Cheshire cat and Rich just says "I knew it would start." Easy for you to say Rich you've been at the birth of many but this one's mine so it's special to me. The electronic rev counter works as does the temp gauge as well, I'm reet chuffed!

Now with a switch
 I'll take some more pictures later and maybe some video. As a final note the fuel tank now has some anti slosh foam installed along with a complete set of new fuel lines with some quick connectors.