Friday 4 July 2014

Some inspiration...

It's all you need sometimes when things feel a little slow. The first of the paintwork has arrived thanks to Del Whitaker at D W Automotive. Gotta say it does look rather good and I've asked Stuart to lift his boot clear when climbing aboard. So here's an early weekend post as I'm very excited.

Hope you like the style of the number boards which are loosely based on the period bikes.
In other news the hose for the rear shock has finally arrived and the reservoir is now set in position for the overhaul. With that back later in the week and tyres from James White in the post, next weekend's goal has got to be a rolling chassis at last. My deepest thanks also go out to Jill and Stuart Calkin who have also made an offer of sponsorship, cheers Calky.

Other points of note this week are the new bracket made by Stuart's dad fitted straight on with the addition of some riv nuts to the air runners.
Well done Stuart's dad.

The sharp eyed amongst you will spot the lock wire, surprisingly tricky when the bolt heads are this close together. Also fitted were the coils which are also lock wired. Overkill maybe, still they won't come loose.

Just in case you're in the South West the naked bike (poor Emily) will be on show at Sammy Miller's on the 20th July at their MotoItaliano day. 
Maybe see you there.
Finally I can see that the blog has had over 3000 views and I thank you all for taking the time to read all the way to the bottom.

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