Monday 23 June 2014

Ah well at least the there's footie on the telly....

OK I know they're a bunch of overpaid, diving, hair gelled, crybabies but just occasionally they do something quite exceptional, not often but occasionally. Failing that they are a distraction or at least a diversion when you're running out of things you can get on with. As is normal, most weeks a box of goodies (not Bill, Graeme and Tim) was on the expected list but upon opening I seemed to have received a food parcel. Turns out it was just packing to protect the contents but I am somewhat concerned by Peters diet.

"What was in the box" I hear you cry, well some jolly nice air runners with extra layers of carbon to survive the rigours of the TT.

They fitted straight on and with some new rubber mounts on popped the ECU with carbon dash. Now we did discover something and that was that the standard tachometer is 80mm diameter and the Corse one is 85mm. Peter's now going to produce a blank version of the dash for us mere mortals with standard clocks. Anyone going down this road in future will also notice that the standard clock is deeper than the electric version so careful positioning of the clock and ECU is required. All that said I now have a Laverda tacho to try that runs from the same P8 ECU, just might have to put a sticker over the name though.

Other parts were a splendid pair of end caps for the swingarm. Now as with some parts that are small, it is hard to justify the cost but when you realise the hours that go into making them and that there are around 20 layers of carbon in there it kinda makes sense. 

I've also added fixed studding and roll pinned to retain. This should be better than the standard bolts and I think is in line with race bikes of the day so it's also in keeping.
With the air runners in place and checking clearance with the dash I've popped on the brake and clutch reservoirs.

So with most of the larger parts to hand and fitted I've really only been able to trawl eBay and outlets for nuts and bits and bobs. Holes for the breather and air pressure sensors have been made in the air box along with tie wrap holes in carbon where required and some new lock stops have been fabricated.

Some lock wiring has taken place, one of the few things that I can say is staying as it is!

I even found the bobbins I'd been after all the time, so two M8 helicoils later we now have bobbins you can get a paddock stand on to. (Apologies to Stu, he'll know)

New hose clips and wiring waiting for a loom are there but the shock is at service still waiting for a new longer hose, so apart from the odd little job I'll get on with I'm running out of things I can do. Maybe it's just as well as I'm off to London for the rest of this week.

It really won't take that long to finish with everything in place but I'm trying to avoid constant fitting and stripping in case I miss a lockwire or Loctite'able part for safety.
Almost finally I'd like to thank Anthony at Avanti Race Parts for a box of very handy consumables and a rather nifty folding brake lever for the Brembo master.
Finally I'd also like to thank my employer TRE for their timely paid bonus, not enormous but it pays the bills. Please click on the following link to get Celeres as the highest referring site to ours at It'll be great to see this on the kitchen wall in a few weeks. 

Good things come to those who wait, you'll just have to wait a little longer Stu.


  1. Great work so far!
    I was looking for a tacho solution as I'm still running the original manual one... also never solved to paddock stand bobbin issue - yours are looking good!
    Loving the sprocket lockwiring too :-)
    Keep going!

    1. The tacho should work straight off Peter's loom. I need to check the tacho off the SSie to see if that would work also, although I think it's also a single pick up.

    2. Also bobbins on eBay 351074979029.

  2. Am sure I can manage waiting the 4 weeks until the track day?
    Can't wait though.
    Cheers Stuart