Monday 18 August 2014

Ah bugger clutch..

Well with testing limited to just a spin up the lane, by which I mean about 200 yards, I knew we were up against it. So having had the clutch slip on the dyno and having to add another friction to get it through the session, this then made the clutch not a slipper in the correct sense. So I tried another set of plates to reduce the stack height but retain the slipper action, it did seem to work down the lane for Stuart and me but come full power it slipped in the wrong sense. Sadly this was only 3 or so miles down the road outside the Railway Inn at Union Mills. So that's that for today but there are positives to draw on, the lad in the next van to us fell off 20 yards off the start line and broke his collar bone, Stuart overtook one other rider before the clutch failed and even a stalwart of the Manx GP Dave Clark's spark plug fell out on his Suzuki T20 and didn't get anywhere having spent the last day or so rebuilding the engine after a failure at Jurby. So I'll fit either a standard clutch or see what else I can get hold of in the morning. Hey ho that's racing. 

So to finish this evening here are some shots to give you the flavour of the day.

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