Wednesday 13 August 2014

Sometimes the last steps are the hardest...

 As is the way in life sometimes no matter how hard you try to plan something there will always be a hiccup along the way. The last week seems to have just felt like I've been bouncing off brick walls, just when you fixed one thing something else knocks you back. One issue at the moment is charging, running the race alternator it only seems to give out 13V across the battery at 5krpm, hopefully this will be enough as the first alternator gave just 12V. I have a standard alternator to fit if required on the Isle. Another complete f**k up was by K Tech with the forks, they replaced the original progressive springs with linear springs, so far so good. But the new springs when allied with the original spacers gave about 8mm of sag at minimum preload, nowhere near enough. I'm guessing that the original springs being progressive may have been a replacement item and with the nature of the progressive spring there was sag available at the softer end of the range so all seemed well, pop in a set of linear springs and hey presto no sag. They actually had fitted springs from an SV650 even though I had requested ones from their catalogue for the Showa forks. Do K Tech not actually check anything? Luckily I was in the right place at the right time Rich at Louigi Moto decided that we could adjust the internal spacer without dropping the forks. 

 So a jack, some tools and a hacksaw later we're 20mm shorter in the spacer department and we have 25mm of sag. Rich did say that he never had a spacer so hard to depress to release the internals. An indication of K Techs complete failure to supply an item of use, especially considering the destination.  
  Still now is not the time complain for all bar a couple of tweeks to suit Stuart Emily is as ready as she can be for her date on the Isle of Man. The paintwork is back and I'm lock wired out. Here she is.

Next stop Liverpool.



  1. Great work stafford. Now lock the bike up matey. I really wish you guys the best of luck to achieve your goal. You already have achieved the biggest one by building this beauty of a beast so the test is riding it and feeling satisfied. I salute you both for the patience and determination and hope all works well and safely gets you home with an achieved time you are happy with. Good luck boys. Albs and Caroline x

  2. Awesome job Dood! She's looking fantastic :-)
    I've been using K-Tech for many years... but the last few years the stuff I've got from them hasn't been very good. I think they have gotten too successful/big. Glad you could get it sorted though :-)
    Looking forward to seeing you all out there!

  3. That is pure class. For those that haven't seen the bike in the flesh you are missing a superbly built bike,down to the last detail. I'm so lucky to be given the chance to race this,and will do my best to try and repay Stafford for giving me this opportunity,by getting as good a finish as I can, also to all those that have helped out. Good luck to all those racing and look forward to catching up with you. Cheers Stuart

  4. Bellisimo.

    Looks absolutely fantastic, and we know from all the hard work that has gone in to this that the beatty is more than just skin deep..

    Good Luck Stuart. All the best for your time at the Classic TT,

  5. Many thanks for the kind comments all. I'll get in touch with K Tech when we get back, I really can't be arsed at the moment.