Thursday 29 June 2017

James Hillier goes retro and signs for Oxford Products Racing

Oxford Products and Celeres Racing are proud to announce that James Hillier will be campaigning their Ducati 888 at the Superbike F1 Classic TT, to be held on the Isle of Man during August this year.

James meets Katy at Oxford's headquarters in Witney.

Fresh from his 2017 TT campaign the 5th fastest rider in TT history secured a 2nd and two 4th places on the 37.73 mile course. Hillier will be riding the Celeres Racing Ducati 888 that celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Oxford Products TT campaign. In addition, to really authenticate this replica and with the support of Oxford Products, the bike has been painted in classic 1992/3 Oxford Products livery as used by Trevor Nation, Robert Dunlop and Mark Farmer.

The Ducati 888 was built last year by Stafford Evans of Celeres Racing to compete in the 2016 Superbike F1 Classic TT race. Wearing Ducati red, the bike was ridden to 11th place by Dave Hewson with a best lap of 115.769mph.  Modifications were made to an original 1991 road frame and an abundance of carbon fibre parts to replicate the original machines.

James will run race number 5 in 2017, the same number as Trevor Nation did 25 years ago and he will also wear replica leathers for the event. He was upbeat about his prospects. ‘I have a real ambition to win the Superbike race of course, but I will make every effort to be the fastest man around the Island on a Ducati 888.’

Team owner Stafford Evans was equally optimistic. ‘It’s a real honour to be able to reproduce the Oxford team of 25 years ago. I actually think that with this bike and with James at the ‘bars, we have a real shot at bringing home the top prize. I am very excited!’

Hillier is no stranger to the TT course visiting the rostrum multiple times including a Lightweight TT win in 2013 and the in 2014, he came 2nd in the F1 Classic TT, the best of his 10 races at the classic event. It’s time for the top step! 

Trevor Nation riding the 888 Oxford Ducati at the TT in 1992

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