Thursday 27 August 2015

Finally some solid laps......

Well, along with the poor weather there have sadly been a few incidents that have seen Wayne and Emily only getting in one lap in before tonight and that was under yellow flags from just after Ramsey. Today has finally seen some fine weather forecast for the whole of the evening session, of course we were not due to be out tonight except the powers that be, knowing that our race is Monday, have seen sense to get the Classics out where the Manx GP lads will have time to get theirs in. As a side note, I must say that the organisers have finally cracked the crap situation which used to occur during scrutineering where the whole paddock turned up en mass. Calling each group is working a treat and we were through in about 15 minutes. 
So in tonight's practice, it's free reign in the holding area as bikes are called by number group to the road to start. The plan was, in our hour long session, to attempt to get 3 laps in. With Emily brimmed with fuel, the engine was warmed and Wayne did his final checks on the tyre pressures ready for the off. The Marshals were in place and the first bikes were away at 18.20, we got away around 18.27. 

Happy to go

 Time to focus.

Wayne flew though Glencrutchery Road at about his expected time, I say expected as it's just up to Wayne how hard he pushes as he gets to know Emily. Tommy and I pop down to the holding area to get ready with 10 litres of fuel and spare visors and cleaner. Wayne arrives on time and we are in plenty of time to start a third lap. Having seen him off we retire with the paddock trolley to tidy up, sadly just after we finished Wayne coasts up with Emily to the garage. Emily has developed a misfire so instead of pushing on he's dropped back in the return road and met us at the garage, this is something I've had before at Cartagena and a swap of spark plugs cured that. After a few tests the front plug appears to have given up and once replaced all is well. Too late to get out again, but we now have three laps of five under our belt and with fair'ish weather should see the rest away with no problem. We've made a couple of tweeks to the suspension this evening and may change the rear sprocket in the morning.
But to finish it's not all bad news as Wayne and Emily have broken the 100mph lap with a lap of 104.762mph. 
Hopefully in time we'll get some action shots of the duo from the many snappers on the Isle.

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